“We contacted Rob seeking a local photographer who could do an onsite photo-shoot of our products for our website and print material, but could also provide ongoing photo editing services.  Rob has been fantastic to deal with, friendly, skilled and very helpful.  His photographs were extremely professional in all aspects of staging, lighting and sharpness.  Rob has been able to provide us with a lot of advice and ongoing support with taking our own photos and provides a quick turnaround of our photos.  Thanks Rob for all your work to date.  We look forward to continuing to work with you into the future.”

Leanne, Calorex Pty Ltd

“Rob has provided me with the images I need to create a strong professional media presence. In photo sessions he has been able to explore the various areas of my business and academic work and provide a range of contemporary photographic images for print and online media. He is able to connect with clients and build a strong understanding their needs. I have known Rob for many years, I trust his advice, respect his counsel, applaud his professionalism and I look forward to accessing his services in the future.

Dr Tony Mordini

“I met Rob from Photos that Tell about 7 years ago now to do some modelling work for an alternative designer and to update my portfolio.
Rob was extremely professional and made me feel very safe , comfortable and relaxed.
I formed a professional relationship with Rob and a lasting friendship, I then used Rob’s services to shoot my wedding a few years later.
Now 7 years later I have called on Rob’s talents once more to take some photos of my new baby daughter; the photos are beautiful and will be forever cherished.
I highly recommend Rob and Photos that Tell for any photography needs.”

Tanya Harrison

“LEGEND. L-E-G-E-N-D. A bajillion photos with four completely different looks at two locations in just on three hours. Love your work Rob.

PS Hey Rob
Just letting you know that the photos from our last shoot have worked brilliantly on promo material for my tour through New Zealand and Canada – thanks heaps for such beautiful work and can’t wait to work with you when I’m back in Australia”

Arabella Alure

“It was great to collaborate with you! It was my first nude shoot and it was surprisingly comfortable; Very professional gentlemen. And the shots were incredible! Can’t wait to shoot together again :)”

Beauty Gloom

“Very Easy to work with – would highly recommend you. Very professional and of course talented! Thank you so much Rob! :)”

Tahnee Jade

” I never usually enjoy having my photo taken, but I loved my portrait session at Photos That Tell. All of the shots came out great, and really captured my personality. The images were high quality, I got them back really quickly and there were so many to choose from!

I am definitely coming back to have some family photos taken, and some shots of my partner and I. A great way to remember people and experiences.”


“My experience with Photos That Tell was remarkable! The photo shoot was fun and relaxed and the photos taken were amazing!! Rob, the photographer was really professional and passionate about photography which made the experience even better!!

Overall I had a great day and the photos turned out GREAT! I would recommend Photos That Tell to everyone and I get heaps of great comments about the photos that I recently had done there. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!! ”

Natasha W

” Beautiful new studio, very professional photographer, and high quality images as a result. Highly recommended, I will be back!”

JS Anderson

“Great working with you! You did a great job! Very flexible and would work with you in a heartbeat! Lots of laughs had on the day, Rob is very easy going and allows you to add lots of input into the shoot”

Grandma’s Finest

“I engaged Rob for a Head Shot shoot and a recording last month and found him on both occasions to be professional and versatile. He had some really good ideas and I was very happy with his work.”

Deiter K

” I have worked with Rob a couple of times now and both times were fun and we got some great photos. I would recommend Rob for all different photographic needs. He has a great little studio that adds to that professional look to your photos!! His outdoor work is also very good and he has some great ideas for location work. I hope we can keep working together on different projects”

Danielle Murrihy

“I have been fortunate enough to work with Rob at ‘Photos that Tell” on several projects and he never ceases to amaze me – what he sees through his lens and the way he creates a perfect image is amazing! The studio the gorgeous and his ever-changing gallery showcases the very best of his work! I look forward to returning again soon! ”

Vanessa Je

“Rob is a highly talented and very professional photographer. I was lucky enough to work with him to update my portfolio and the results are breath-taking! I am so pleased with how the photos turned out. I really could not ask for anymore. I strongly recommend Rob if you are looking for quality photos, he really delivers a fantastic result, he is an absolute pleasure to work with and has an AWESOME studio! ”

Brae Harkin

“We have recently used Rob for a product photo shoot for a new medical device. The shoot itself was quite complex and involved difficult lighting requirements for a technically complicated product and its components. We were delighted by the results of the photo shoot and the professionalism shown by Rob. The shoot itself presented several challenges and Rob went above and beyond our expectations in securing the perfect images. Needless to say, we were delighted by the outcome of the photo shoot and would recommend Rob and “Photos-That-Tell” to anyone looking for complex product imaging. ”


“From the moment I arrived and met Rob I found him to be so friendly and personable and instantly felt comfortable within his presence. His professionalism in preparing each shot and ensuring the `perfect image really impressed me. Thanks so much, Rob I couldn’t be happier with the shoot and the final outcome!”

Tracy Male

“Recently Rob and I worked together to create some advertising material for my makeup artistry. Which ended in product photography, highlighting the luxury products I use in my makeup kit. The shots turned out beautiful, showing Rob put a lot of thought into the product placement and appropriate lighting. I would highly recommend Rob, His studio is of very high standard and so is his work.”


“Being a freelance model I have met and worked with many photographers, Rob being one of my most recent; was not only a pleasure to work with, but produced some great results. The studio is well-equipped and very accessible, making it a very enjoyable and stress-free experience. I would highly recommend Rob based on his ability to have fun and his professionalism in the working environment. ”

Nicole Ashleigh

“As a dancer, the most difficult thing to do when taking a photo is to capture the essence of the movement and lines created as well as the expression and emotion of the dancer. Rob in his first attempt to catch dance photography has not only caught all of the movements on cue, but has also captured the cheek, passion, flare, and emotive facial and upper body gestures required to take successful photos.

I have had many compliments on my photos, particularly the juxtaposition between elegant dancer and urban graffiti wall.

He is extremely professional, I thoroughly enjoyed taking photos in his wonderful studio as well as on location. I strongly recommend “Photos that Tell” if you are looking for a personalized photo shoot that represents who you are in the most wonderful of ways!”

Jasmina St

“Rob has an amazing eye for taking a really beautiful photograph. I have done two shoots with Photos That Tell over as many months and am delighted with the results. I’ve had so many compliments and so many people asking me for Rob’s details. I look forward to continuing to work with Rob in the future.”

Anita (www.anitaclements.com)

“Wonderful photographer to work with – highly recommended, hope to work with again soon :)”


” I am a model who has shot with over 100 photographers in my 6 years of modeling. When recently I got to work with him for the first time, I was completely shocked he was so professional, easygoing, great personality, decent work ethic. the whole package.

He tops the lot. He is one in a million there are not many photographers like this.”


“My experience at Photos That Tell shooting with Rob was great, I felt comfortable, safe, and welcomed into a professional environment. The experience was both rewarding and fun.

The studio was one of the best I’ve been to; with plenty of rooms, props, backdrops etc. all that was needed to get the great images that we got out of our shoot together.

I would definitely work with Rob again and recommend him to anyone that was going for a photoshoot. ”


“My experience with Photos That Tell was great! The studio we worked in was ace and was set up really well. Rob, the photographer was so professional and gives great direction and advice to produce outstanding photos. With the prints that I’ve got back, I am now getting regular modeling work.

I will be working with Rob again in the future and I definitely recommend himto other aspiring models and people looking for great portrait shots. ”

Liam G

” It was so great working with Rob at Photos That Tell as he has a great eye for creating and taking such amazing shots!!

I had such a fun time at the photo shoot, and I would definitely recommend Photos That Tell to anyone looking to capture memorable, professional, and unique photos.”

Stephanie C

“Very professional, great portraits”

Elise Klein